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Providence Farm Summer Stream Journal for Young Explorers

Saturday July 11th– Saturday September 5th

Summertime is a perfect time for exploration!
Students are challenged to jump into STREAM this summer.  Using the Firsthand Learning Inquiry Summer STREAM Kit and Journal students are encouraged to explore their environment.

What does STREAM stand for?

S – Science
T – Technology
R – Reading
E – Engineering
A – Arts & the Humanities
M – Mathematics

Who participates?
Students entering Grades 1 through 8 in September 2020 are invited to maintain a Journal of their Summer Explorations.
What is the challenge?
The challenge is to make at least one entry into the journal every week.  A list of suggested explorations are given in the journal, but activities are not limited to the list.

Instructions for Parents:

REMEMBER: Every day plan 40 minutes for learning (reading, writing and/or math challenges) to keep your students mind active!


Click here for Challenge #1: What do you see?

Click here for Challenge #2!

Click here for Challenge #3: Hello, Honeybee!

As part of Challenge #3 please watch these films ( Film1  Film2 ) and record what you observe!

Note: The nectar produced by Black-eyed Susan is found in the deep, tubular, disk florets that make up the flower.  Insects with long tongues are able to reach it.  The pollen grains provide protein to adult insects and their larvae and are accessible to all.  Black-eyed Susan is often visited by honeybees, butterflies of many varieties, including the monarch, beetles, and flies.  In moving from flower to flower, the creatures carry pollen grains from flower to flower: This is called POLLINATION.

Click here for Challenge #4: What did you see today?

Click here for Challenge #5: Egg-Larva-Pupa-Adult

Watch: Challenge #5 Film

Click here for Challenge #6: Have you seen the dinosaurs?

Click here for Challenge #7: Who came to visit our campsite last night?

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