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Our Team

Kristin Heltman-Weiss, Executive Director

Elizabeth Leipler, Farm Director

Bari Zeiger, Director of Development & Administration

Mahamud Mberwa, Farm Mentor & Liaison

Hamadi Ali, Markets Manager

Isaac Placke, Farm Facilities & Equipment Manager

Dao Kamara, Community Engagement Coordinator

Maria Guzzo, Administrative Coordinator

Hamadi Mganga, Marketing Coordinator


Kristin Heltman-Weiss

Janet Coletti

George Haffenden

Jen VanDewater

Eileen O’Brien-Scannell
Board Member Emeritus

Farmer Advisory Board

Mahamud Mberwa
Farm Manager: Somali Bantu Community Organization of WNY/Somali Bantu Community Farm

Ali Macheremo
Incubator Farmer Representative: Somali Bantu Community Organization of WNY/Somali Bantu Community Farm/Bwedo Farm

Allison DeHonney
President: Buffalo Go Green/Urban Fruits & Veggies

Dao Kamara
Incubator farmer and Farm Manager: Liberian Community Farming Project

Nelson Nagbe
Farm Manager: Liberian Association of Buffalo/Liberian Community Farming Project

Faz Niyigoba
Farm Manager: Our Lady of Hope Burundian Community/Ak’iwacu Farm

Gabriel Khoon
Farm Manager: Our Lady of Hope Karenni Community/Karenni Hope Farm

Beh Meh
Youth Leader/Executive Team: Karenni Hope Farm

Sawhla Set
Farm Manager: Buffalo Myanmar Indigenous Christian Fellowship

Zelalem Gemmeda
Farm leader: Ethiopian Community Farm