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Our Farmers

Our strength lies in the diversity and dedication of our farmers, a vibrant tapestry of individuals and communities united by the love of the land and the passion for cultivation.

With 29 farms and 232 farmers, our collective effort is not just about growing crops — it’s about nurturing communities and preserving cultural heritage.

Through farming at PFC, farmers:

  • Access prime agricultural land and farming and business education
  • Build fresh food and economic security within their communities
  • Grow culturally relevant crops key to food traditions
  • Connect to agricultural heritage
  • Reap the physical and mental health benefits the farm provides

“I would like to move forward farming as a farm business. My vision and my goal is to have my own land after this program with PFC. I would like someone to lead me to help me find my own land so I can continue with my farm business.”

ZainabuMitemo Farm